Everyday of My Life is an uplifting song that I wrote and composed in June of 2020. This song definitely has a spiritual vibe and message to it probably because I wrote the song shortly after fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. I fingered drummed a pattern using 808’s and played out a nice chord progression using a smooth sounding clavinet.  Would love to hear your comments if you dig the track!

“Here’s Another Spiritual Melody.  My Soul Speaks When I Play the Piano Keys”


It’s ya brother 

June 12th almost summer

Ramadan came and went 

May The Most High Accept all of it

Now I’m pondering my next moves

This track here that your listening to 

Is my first groove

Since before holy month 

Now I’m back in action, back on the hunt

Higher got to climb, let my soul shine

Power in the rhyme, it feels so divine

And even though it’s not revaluation

I make dua to receive Gods inspiration 

May these words be of great benefit 

And may my music be used to uplift

Any soul that hear even a glimpse 

May it relieve your stress make you less tense

This Music feels good like a breeze

Shaded on a hot day under the trees

Here’s another spiritual melody

My soul speaks when I play the piano keys

My music means a lot to me 

It’s how I cope with life it set my mind free

That’s why I keep making these albums 

Expressing myself No matter if you see the value 


Everyday of my life gotta keep my head to the skies

Everyday that I rise gotta open up my eyes

Everyday of my life I’m gotta keep my head to the skies

Everyday that I rise gonna open up my eyes