In the fall of 2020 I began a 9 month journey of facilitating an traditional homeschooling experience for 2 of my children. Because of the pandemic many schools presented the option for children to do virtual schooling or blended learning in school and at home. As our local public schools shifted from one phase to another we decided to take over our children’s education ourselves. In this video I talk about why we decided to homeschool, how we went about homeschooling our 3rd grader and 1st grader and the various resources that we used to help us teach. Toward the end of the video I give 6 reasons why this was a great year to try out traditional homeschooling and what we plan to do next school year.

As parents when it comes to educating our children we all work hard, no matter if we take our children to school and pick them up everyday, do some kind of virtual schooling or do traditional homeschooling. Each form of schooling has it’s pro’s and con’s and is not easy. But I’m not going to lie, I feel pretty accomplished getting to the finish line of this particular school year. There is something so special about being actively involved in my children’s development and observing their learning abilities grow in front of my eyes.  If you are a parent or have been a part of coaching, mentoring or teaching someone I’m sure you can relate in some way.   

Time Stamps:
00:37– Our Mindset as Parents
01:42– Why We Decided to Homeschool
03:47– How We Went About Homeschooling
08:27– A Book that was Helpful & Encouraged Me (Homeschooling for Absolute Beginners)
09:12– 6 Reasons Why this was the Perfect Year to try out Homeschooling
10:44– Our Plans for the next School Year