My Father Chris Powell’s funk story

The following is a video where my father Chris Powell is interviewed by The Funk Music Hall of Fame & Exhibition Center. My father is an accomplished saxophonist and music producer and in this interview he shares his adventures in the music industry having worked with well known artists Stevie Wonder, Rick James, and Tina Marie. I really enjoyed listening to him talk about his journey in music as a child all the way to his days of achieving his dream of having a record on Motown through his music group KoKoPop.

And of course there are a number of entertaining short stories about what it was like to work with Rick James, and Beyonce when she was a youth. He even share details of how he decided to give me my name “Brandon” while he was working with Tina Marie in California.

Much love and respect to my Father, “The Bald Head Lover Like No Other,” Chris Powell.